Effortless: The Secret to Hair, Skin and Nail Care – Not What You Thought!

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13 November 2023
Bottom line, what’s most important for you to know?
  • Hair loss caused by unknown reasons can involve a lack of nutrients that can’t always be traced through a simple blood test.
  • Taking a nutricosmetic supplement that contains all the components you need for healthy skin, hair and nails is the perfect base for care that starts from within.
  • Our body constantly produces new cells, this happens from the inside-out and not the other way around. As long as we lack the building blocks, external beauty products will only provide us with a partial solution.

We all want to look good and young, and look for efficient solutions to improve the appearance of our hair and skin. Most of us don’t know that external beauty products are only part of the solution. Our body generates new cells all the time, this happens from the inside-out and not the other way around. As long as we lack the building blocks, external beauty products will only provide us with a partial solution.

Starting from the inside

The base is what we put into our bodies. The new generation of cosmetics is called ‘nutricosmetics’, and it’s where the future of beauty is headed. These are cosmetics in the form of unique supplements that nourish us from the inside-out, showing in the improved appearance of your skin, your healthy, flowing and shinier growing hair, and stronger, less-fragile nails.

Everything you need to know when choosing the ideal beauty supplement for you!

Some of the ingredients in nutricosmetic supplements are naturally produced in our body, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. But these decrease with age, leading us to look for them on the outside. When the breakdown process outgrows manufacturing, these known signs of aging appear. The skin looks withered, tired, not as elastic and firm, simply not as it used to be. Sound familiar? This is also true when it comes to our hair. In order for it to grow and look its best, it has to have those building blocks and the ingredients it needs from the inside, as a base. While vitamin-enriched hair products may sound good, these components cannot penetrate from the outside. So if you’re suffering from hair loss, look for your solution on the inside.

What components are important for healthy skin, hair and nails?

Collagen – choose the highest quality

Collagen is the main structural protein in our bodies. It forms the connective tissues, especially for the skin, and provides them with strength and stability. We know how important it is for the condition of our skin, but if you’re wondering what that has to do with hair and nails, it’s simple. Collagen is a “complex protein” since it’s made out of 19 different amino acids! A collagen supplement actually provides us with a collection of peptides (short proteins) built out of all these amino acids, from which the body produces additional proteins such as keratin, which influences hair and nail growth. The quality of our hair is directly related to the amount of keratin our hair follicles produce. People with imbalanced diets can also suffer from protein or certain amino acid deficiencies, which might lead to thin, weak hair and even hair loss.

Patented clinically-tested collagen

When it comes to choosing a supplement, not all collagen supplements are equal! A quality collagen supplement is one that goes through a hydrolyzation process and is broken down into short and easier-to-absorb peptides. Such a supplement will provide your body with the amino acids needed to create collagen and other proteins. Look for a patented collagen supplement that’s been clinically tested for quality and influence. This is how you’ll know you’re putting a quality and easily absorbed protein into your body.

Hyaluronic acid – your inner moisturizer

Hyaluronic acid can also be naturally found in our bodies, in certain connective tissues such as joint cartilage and a component of our eyes. Its role in the skin is to capture moisture between the collagen fibers, and has the capacity to absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in water! This maintains the skin’s moisture. It depletes with age and affects the condition of our skin. High concentrations of hyaluronic acid are common at young ages, maintaining the volume of the skin along with the collagen, giving you a younger, firmer and smoother look.

Additional ingredients for the perfect treatment

Other than collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are important components of your inner treatment, there are other components our body can’t produce on their own, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other components. We are completely dependent on our diet for these ingredients, and lacking one or more of them could compromise cell production in our skin, hair and nails. For instance, a vitamin C deficiency will bring about a decrease of collagen manufacturing, since that’s part of its production – and can be seen on the skin, gums, etc.


A multi-purpose mineral vital to cell division and protein creation. Since zinc is used when dividing cells, it plays a pivotal role in proper hair growth. A lack of zinc is one of the leading causes of hair loss or thin and dry hair, which can also affect the skin and cause prolonged skin injuries and slow healing.


This mineral, is essential for supporting the connective tissues in the body, though it doesn’t usually get as much attention as the rest. A silica deficiency could cause dry and rugged skin, and is related to hair loss and fragile nails. The silica mineral contributes to smooth and healthy skin, shiny hair and strong nails.


Also known as vitamin B7, it is essential for skin, hair and nail health, among other things. Biotin deficiency often involves skin dryness, thin nails and breakable thin hair.


A derivative of sulfur, important for building skin and cartilage. MSM is regarded among diet specialists worldwide as being very useful when it comes to hair, skin and nail rejuvenation.

How do I know what’s missing?

Certain vitamins and minerals can be measured with a simple blood test, such as iron. However, other important components might be missing, and can’t be traced via a blood test. If there is an unknown reason for hair loss, or your hair becomes thinner and your nails tend to break more, it could have something to do with nutritional deficits that are not always traceable by blood tests. The best way, in this case, is to take a complex combination of all these components, providing a variety of amino acids, vitamins and specific minerals that play a key role in skin, hair and nail health.

What happens when you take a supplement containing all of those?

Taking a nutricosmetic supplement containing all the various needed components is the perfect base for 360-degree cosmetics, starting from the inside. The new generation’s routine is the winning combination of inner and outer nourishment, with facial creams and dietary supplements standing side by side on our cosmetics shelf.

Bottom line

One of the most important things that can certainly make your life easier is looking for a dietary supplement that has both, so you can have an efficient and complete treatment but in a concentrated way, in one supplement!

Looking for a solution to hair loss while also improving your facial skin and keeping your nails up? Or are you looking for skin care but you also care about how your hair looks? Look for a 360-degree cosmetics supplement that can give you both. It’s time to step into the new generation of cosmetic supplements and get a real and complete treatment, because who doesn’t want to have it all in a natural and healthy way?

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